In 2015, acial lauches the Test University

acial, “Pure Player” software test, delivers for several years training on standards of good practices (ISTQB, REQB) and on test tools (HP QTP & QC, Testlink & Mantis).

The Test University, is today a structured range of dedicated to software testing courses, proposed inter or intra company, on the basis of 15 modules from 1 to 5 days.

These modules can be combined to form comprehensive cycles such as “Tester FAFIEC” (Collective Action), Functional Tester, Test Manager, etc.

Our training offer in software testing is based on 15 years of expertise on the subject and approved by several accreditations:

– ISTQB & REQB for our approved test and Requirements Engineering training

– FAFIEC who entrusted us with its Collective Action “The business of Test”

– HP Software which granted us the status of “Silver Partner”

To train in Software testing means:

– Strengthen your skills in different areas of the test, both in terms of methodology tools

– Promote and improve your company’s Test department

– Facilitate the appropriation of tools and methods adapted to your issues

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